February 13, 2023

Stop using ipsum: AI to generate website copy in minutes.

With this prompt you can generate whole-page copy that is customized to your project in just a few minutes. AI-generated website copy is far from perfect, but can be a great starting point and better than using Lorem Ipsum. It helps create a frame to design within and prevents you from veering too far from your original intention.

A second set of eyes

AI-generated website text can come up with expressions and use cases that you might not have considered. Through a better understanding of user behaviour and more appealing graphics, you may improve the tone and style of your website.

How to use AI to generate website copy

  1. Choose the sections that you want to include. (AI generated SEO website layout)
  2. Go to https://platform.openai.com/playground
  3. Enter the prompt and replace "vehicle vinyl wrap company" with your own prompt. (If it pauses midway, press the submit button again until it is finished.):

Act as an expert copywriter for a "vehicle vinyl wrap company". Write the copy for each section below: 

1. Home Page 

2. About Us 

3. Services 

  a. Vehicle Vinyl Wraps 

  b. Custom Vehicle Wraps 

  c. Car Vinyl Wraps 

  d. Truck Vinyl Wraps 

  e. Boat Vinyl Wraps 

  f. Motorcycle Vinyl Wraps 

4. Portfolio 

  a. Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Gallery 

5. Contact Us 

6. FAQs

In conclusion, AI-generated website copy is a rapid and effective solution for producing innovative website copy. It simply takes a minute to generate and is simpler to use than generating dummy text. AI-generated website text can provide you with ideas for words and use cases you might not have considered, and it can also help you develop a website's tone and style that is more consistent. You can speed up and improve the design with AI-generated website copy.

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